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Category: Business

27 year old Asad supplies packed confectioneries, candies and snacks to numerous retailers around Rawalpindi. Asad purchases his stock on wholesale rates and sells them to shopkeepers. The youngster is the sole earner of the family and initiated his business 1 year ago and speculates a successful future. The boy wants his 3 toddlers to have financial freedom in the future. Previously Asad used to purchase items and directly sold it to grocery stores but now he has recently rented a small warehouse to stock his purchases. Asad used all his savings to rent the place so he wants a loan of $550 for accumulation of more stock for the future. Help Asad grow his business and support his family.

Afsar Khan
Category: Business

Afsar Khan is a street vendor and sells plastic crockery and food utensils in the streets of Rawalpindi. Afsar’s wife runs a flowers business at home and Afsar used to work with her but as inflation increases, the young man decided to start a more profitable business. Afsar has purchased some stock with his savings and drags his cart all around the city but wishes to buy some more stock to increase his income. The couple has two children and they wish a prosperous future for them. Help Afsar in attaining a loan of $350 to generate more profit.

Category: Business

24 year old Khawar started his drinking water company 3 years ago. He supplies large bottles for water dispensers in offices and homes on regular basis. Khawar is the sole earner of his family and plans to increase his business during this summer. As summer is around the corner, these large dispenser bottles get expensive so Khawar wants to purchase them proactively. Khawar needs $450 to purchase 300 new bottles to cater more customers. Help the young entrepreneur in fulfilling his dreams.

Category: Assets

37 year old Basharat drives a mini-van which he uses to pick and drop school children since the past 13 years. He has 3 children who are studying in schools. Basharat rendered pick and drop service to many school children before COVID, but due to the closure of schools, he was left unemployed. Basharat has now found some new customers but his 13 year old mini-van is in defective condition. The man has to take his van to the mechanic on regular basis which has further increased his expenses and forced customers switch to other pick and drop services. With no savings for the repair of his vehicle, he has applied for a loan of $350 to bring it in running condition. Basharat wishes to provide good education to the children. Help him fulfill his dream and earn a living for his family.

Firdaus Begum
Category: Business

40 year old Firdaus Begum runs a grocery shop at her home since the past 4 years. She has 4 children and her husband works at a private firm in Rawalpindi. Both spouses are very understanding and strive to make their business a success. Firdaus runs her shop in the morning and works at a local hospital in the evening; her husband goes to his job in the morning and looks after the shop in the evening. Their business has been in crisis during the COVID lockdown but now the couple wants to revive the sales. Firdaus has applied for a loan of $550 to restock the shop. Help the family live a better life.

Humaira Jabir
Category: Assets

30 year old Humaira Jabir is a qualified seamstress and has been sewing clothes since the past 13 years. Humaira’s husband is a daily wage laborer and she wants to assist him in the day to day expenses. The young lady stitches clothes for women in the neighborhood to earn a living but she wants to grow her work. Humaira wants young girls from the vicinity to come and learn sewing for their future. She has applied for a loan of $400 to buy 6 sewing machines for her training center. Help Humaira transfer her skill to the young girls and earn a living.