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Zafar Iqbal
Location: Pakistan
Category: Business

Living in the outskirts of Rawalpindi, Zafar Iqbal runs a grocery shop since the past 20 years. Iqbal yearns for a better future for his 4 young children studying in school. Like many others, Zafar has faced the brunt of inflation and COVID in the recent years. He has been facing hard times due to illnesses and deaths in the family. All these have deprived him of restocking his shop and left him financially distressed. Zafar aspires to expand his business by supplying goods and restocking his shop which seems unfeasible with his current monthly revenue of PKR 40,000. Zafar has applied for a loan of $350 to upgrade his business and attract more customers. Help Zafar in earning a better livelihood for his family. Donate Now.

Malik Yasir
Location: Pakistan
Category: Business

Malik Yasir runs a small convenience store in Dhok Mangtal area of Rawalpindi. Like many others, COVID lead to the closure of Yasir’s shop, making it difficult for him to make ends meet. With difficulty, Malik somehow managed to reopen his shop but lacks stock to cater customers. The youngest of his four children is suffering from a chronic heart disease and needs medical assistance. Yasir has requested a loan of $350 to restock spices and other grocery items to improve his business. Help Yasir support his daughter’s treatment and earn a better living.

Adeel Shahzad
Location: Pakistan
Category: Business

Adeel Shahzad, a Rawalpindi based street vendor, strives to earn a better living in these difficult times. Adeel sells snacks like Gol Gappay and Kebabs on his cart which he drags in the streets all day. His limited sale does not suffice to provide for his family. The rising inflation and COVID has left Adeel in huge debt and unfavorable situations like illnesses have further burdened the family. Adeel wishes to secure a better future for his children. Shahzad has applied for a $350 loan to rent a shop in the vicinity and add more items to earn a better income. Help Adeel educate his children and earn a better living.

Muhammad Musharraf
Location: Pakistan
Category: Assets

Muhammad Musharraf is a skilled trunk maker and has been in business since the past 40 years. Musharraf manufactures metallic trunks and storage tanks to earn a living. He has 3 daughters and a young son who go to school leaving Musharraf as the sole breadwinner of the family. Factors like lockdown due to COVID and surging inflation in the country has left him striving to make ends meet. Musharraf wishes to purchase raw material to add more variety to his shop but struggles to save an adequate amount as he is unable to generate a sufficient revenue. The entrepreneur has applied for a loan of $700 to revive his business. Help Musharraf increase his revenue to secure a better future for his children.

Muhammad Usman
Location: Pakistan
Category: Business

Muhammad Usman is a 29 year old entrepreneur running an automobile spare parts shop. Usman is father of 2 toddlers and is the sole breadwinner of the family. Muhammad is unable to restock his shop as he used all his savings to make ends meet during COVID lockdowns and the high inflation has affected his business. Usman’s 12 year old business is in a difficult situation and a loan of $500 can be a resuscitation for his work. Help Usman earn a better future for his family.

Afzal Latif
Category: Business

Afzal Latif, a resident of Dhok Gujran in Rawalpindi, owns a mini-van which he uses to pick and drop school children since the past 14 years. Latif provided pick and drop service to many school children but due to the closure of schools in COVID, he was left unemployed. Latif has now found some new customers but his 14 year old mini-van is in poor condition. Afzal has to take his van to the mechanic on regular basis which has further increased his expenses and forced customers switch to other pick and drop services. With no savings for the repair of his vehicle, he has applied for a loan of $350 to bring it in running condition. Help Afzal earn a living for his family.