Muhammad Musharraf
Location: Pakistan
Category: Assets

Muhammad Musharraf is a skilled trunk maker and has been in business since the past 40 years. Musharraf manufactures metallic trunks and storage tanks to earn a living. He has 3 daughters and a young son who go to school leaving Musharraf as the sole breadwinner of the family. Factors like lockdown due to COVID and surging inflation in the country has left him striving to make ends meet. Musharraf wishes to purchase raw material to add more variety to his shop but struggles to save an adequate amount as he is unable to generate a sufficient revenue. The entrepreneur has applied for a loan of $700 to revive his business. Help Musharraf increase his revenue to secure a better future for his children.

Ghazala Parveen
Category: Assets

50 year old Ghazala Parveen is a seamstress who works day and night to support her husband in monthly expenses. Ghazala has been working since the past 8 years and financed one of their daughter’s wedding with her hard work. Parveen’s husband works as a driver at a local company and his income does not suffice to finance their second daughter’s marriage. Ghazala wants to grow her business and purchase cloth and other sewing material in order to design and stitch clothes and sell them to retailers and women in the neighborhood. Support the lady in obtaining a loan of $350 to fulfill her household expenses.

Naveeda Kausar
Category: Assets

Naveeda Kausar’s husband works at a company in Rawalpindi but his limited income is not adequate to pay for all the household necessities. Naveeda started her clothing business at home to lend a hand to her husband. She sells fabric and stitched clothes to women in the neighborhood and wants to expand her business by adding bedsheets and other clothing items to the stock. For the purpose, Naveeda has applied for a loan of $350 for the expansion of her business. Help the young lady in supporting her husband and sending her son to a good school.

Mairaj Kaleem
Category: Assets

38 year old Mairaj Kaleem is a well-educated man who had a white collar job and a car resale in business few years ago. Mairaj lost his job during COVID downsizing and sold his business for his father’s cancer treatment. Mairaj left Lahore and came to Rawalpindi to find a better earning opportunity here but his wife fell ill and he was not able to find a job. The stressed man than lost his young brother and his young nephews and nieces now live with him along with his 3 own children. Mairaj has had crisis and huge losses in the past but the man still has a smile on his face and rides a bike cab with optimism. He provides transport services on a rented bike to people all day long but has to give a portion of his income to the motorbike owner. The entrepreneur wishes to get a bike of his own to increase his disposable personal income. Help Mairaj get a loan of $450 to purchase a bike and support him in upbringing all the children.

Category: Assets

37 year old Basharat drives a mini-van which he uses to pick and drop school children since the past 13 years. He has 3 children who are studying in schools. Basharat rendered pick and drop service to many school children before COVID, but due to the closure of schools, he was left unemployed. Basharat has now found some new customers but his 13 year old mini-van is in defective condition. The man has to take his van to the mechanic on regular basis which has further increased his expenses and forced customers switch to other pick and drop services. With no savings for the repair of his vehicle, he has applied for a loan of $350 to bring it in running condition. Basharat wishes to provide good education to the children. Help him fulfill his dream and earn a living for his family.

Humaira Jabir
Category: Assets

30 year old Humaira Jabir is a qualified seamstress and has been sewing clothes since the past 13 years. Humaira’s husband is a daily wage laborer and she wants to assist him in the day to day expenses. The young lady stitches clothes for women in the neighborhood to earn a living but she wants to grow her work. Humaira wants young girls from the vicinity to come and learn sewing for their future. She has applied for a loan of $400 to buy 6 sewing machines for her training center. Help Humaira transfer her skill to the young girls and earn a living.