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Category: Business

25 year old Fazeel is a motorbike mechanic working in Rawalpindi since the past 6 years. Fazeel was working at a workshop where he learned the skill but now he started his own little workshop to earn a better living for the family. The young boy wants his initiative to be prosperous and wishes to stock spare parts in his shop rather than buying them in retail. Adding spare parts will increase his profit margin and grow his business. Support Fazeel in getting a loan of $400 to help him have a secure future.

Naveeda Kausar
Category: Assets

Naveeda Kausar’s husband works at a company in Rawalpindi but his limited income is not adequate to pay for all the household necessities. Naveeda started her clothing business at home to lend a hand to her husband. She sells fabric and stitched clothes to women in the neighborhood and wants to expand her business by adding bedsheets and other clothing items to the stock. For the purpose, Naveeda has applied for a loan of $350 for the expansion of her business. Help the young lady in supporting her husband and sending her son to a good school.

Ghazala Parveen
Category: Assets

50 year old Ghazala Parveen is a seamstress who works day and night to support her husband in monthly expenses. Ghazala has been working since the past 8 years and financed one of their daughter’s wedding with her hard work. Parveen’s husband works as a driver at a local company and his income does not suffice to finance their second daughter’s marriage. Ghazala wants to grow her business and purchase cloth and other sewing material in order to design and stitch clothes and sell them to retailers and women in the neighborhood. Support the lady in obtaining a loan of $350 to fulfill her household expenses.

Muhammad Sakhawat
Category: Business

Muhammad Sakhawat, a 45 year old entrepreneur, runs a stationery shop in Rawalpindi. Sakhawat is father of 5 young children studying in school. He has been running the shop since the past 20 years and also had a pick and drop business concurrently which discontinued after the minivan’s accident. As the COVID lockdowns led to the closure of educational institutions and offices, the demand for stationery alleviated. Sakhawat’s family is going through difficult times due to the crisis in business. The businessman wants to add new stock to the shop for its revival. Assist this father of five obtain a loan of $550 to regrow his business and make ends meet.

Muhammad Nazakat
Category: Business

45 year old Muhammad Nazakat is a seasoned construction worker who provides his services at different construction sites and earns a living. Nazakat has 7 children, 2 of whom help their father in his work. The hardworking man works on a daily wage and struggles to make ends meet. Muhammad recently saw a house construction contract which he thinks he can do by deploying his sons and some laborers along. The contract can save him some extra money for the year which he can use for his daughter’s wedding. Nazakat wants to purchase construction material to start his work for which he has applied a loan of $750. Give a helping hand to the man in earning a better living.

Nasir Mehmood
Category: Business

40 year old Nasir Mehmood is an experienced tailor and renowned in the neighborhood. The differently abled man is father of 2 young children and wants a good future for them. Nasir has a small tailoring shop in the suburbs of Rawalpindi since the past 20 years. Nasir was drastically affected by the COVID lockdown and now his life is tough due to the rising inflation. The seasoned entrepreneur wishes to rent a shop in the main market to attract more customers and earn better. Nasir has applied for a $700 loan to establish a bigger shop. Support Nasir’s dream and help him earn a livelihood.