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Shan Manzoor
Category: Business

Due to financial constraints and the rising inflation, 25 year old Shan Manzoor drives his personal car for rental services. Customers hire Shan and his car for complete days to travel the city or to go out of town. On other days when Shan’s car is not booked, the young man renders pick and drop services to school and college children. Father of a toddler, Shan is the only breadwinner of the family and his car is his only source of income. Manzoor’s car has numerous faults as he cannot spare money for engine and suspension repairs. The young driver has requested a loan of $550 for the restoration of his car as there are days when Shan is unable to provide 2 time meals for his family. Help the man earn a better living for the family.

Farooq Masih
Category: Business

47 year old Farooq Masih has an electronics repairing shop in Rawalpindi. Farooq has four children who are not of working age leaving Farooq as the sole earner of the family. The businessman once had a successful cable network in the area and earned good but some rivals shot him leading to the closure of his business. Farooq has suffered burdensome times during his bed rest but did not give up and started his electronics repairing shop to make ends meet. The distressed man is also suffering from tuberculosis and has to spend a portion on his treatment. He wants to purchase electronics spare parts for his shop to provide efficient services to the customers. Help Farooq obtain a loan of $350 to improve his economic conditions.

Nisar Ahmed
Category: Business

50 year old Nisar Ahmed is father of five children and runs a grocery store in the suburbs of Rawalpindi. Nisar has been running the store since the past five years and is among the other business owners who faced the brunt of COVID lockdown. Nisar has faced economic instability in the past two years and has been unable to restock his shop with new goods. The distressed father has been saving money for his daughter’s dowry and children’s education. Nisar wishes to add new items to the store in order to attract more customers for which he has applied a loan of $450. Help the entrepreneur fulfill his dreams.

Muhammad Shamraiz
Category: Business

48 year old Muhammad Shamraiz is a street vendor and sells plastic crockery and food utensils in the streets of Rawalpindi. Shamraiz carries his crockery on his head and wanders all around the city. The crockery Shamraiz purchases is on credit basis which costs more and he has to pay a large portion of his profit to the retailer. Shamraiz wishes to buy some stock of his own to earn a better profit and feed better food to his four children. The poor wants his children to get better education and have a good future. Help Shamraiz get a loan of $450 to invest in his business and secure a better future.

Hamza Rashid
Category: Business

25-year-old Hamza Rashid sets up blanket stalls in different weekly markets in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Hamza has been selling blankets since the past five years and also works at a school as a junior office worker. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, Hamza wants to earn a better income through his business. The young entrepreneur wishes to add new blankets variety to his stall to attract more customers. Hamza is earning PKR 600-800 per day which cannot provide for his family and a toddler. Help Hamza purchase new stock with a loan of $550.

Najma Shakoor
Category: Business

38 year old Najma Shakoor runs a beauty parlour at home since the past 13 years. Najma is the sole breadwinner of the family and is thinking of growing her business. Women in the neighborhood visit Najma’s salon regularly for getting ready on events and different ceremonies. The lady wants to buy different cosmetics and beauty products including facials and hair treatments for her salon to attract more women and to offer different services. Help Najma in getting a loan of $450 to earn a better livelihood for her family.